Nathan began his young career listening to his mentor and friend, Bob Puffer.  As his parents traveled with The Puffers, Dad playing percussion and Mom behind the lens, Nathan slowly and quietly began to take in what he had been exposed to at a young age; great Country Gospel music from Bob and Darleen Puffer.  

Soon, Nathan began to express what he heard and saw through personal family performances and neighborhood concerts for his friends.  Since then, he is slowly transforming into a young Gospel singer and musician who loves to sing for God, family and friends. As the years go by, Nathan is transforming into a great young finger picker and slowly developing his craft on his ukulele, guitar, mandolin and banjo.  Watch his progress on his VIDEO page.

If you ask him, he will tell you that he has his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to thank for the gift and talent of music and singing, while also giving credit to his mentor, teacher and friend, Bob Puffer.  

Please take a moment to drop a note, watch a few videos or get a copy of his new CD which is available on the MY MUSIC  page.     
Nathan Clark

The Puffers
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Nathan Clark Music
      NEWS!   NEWS!   NEWS!

My first CD, "Get In The Boat" has just been released and is available now!

Please go to "My Music" page to purchase a copy today! Thank you!

You can also download the entire album or individual songs on... 

~ Nathan
A Message For You
2017 Schedule with The Puffers

July 27 (Thursday) 7 PM concert, Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church, Rockland, ME

July 29 (Saturday) 7 PM concert, Cottage In The Woods, Damariscotta, ME

July 31 (Monday) 7PM concert, Marston's Corner Baptist, Auburn, ME

August 4 (Friday) 7PM concert, Cornerstone Gospel Church, Naples, ME

August 20 (Sunday) 10AM, 11AM Service, Northside Baptist, St. Albans, VT

August 20 (Sunday) 7 PM concert, Lighthouse Baptist, Hinesburg, VT

August 24 (Thursday) 7PM concert, Prattsburg Baptist, Prattsburg, NY

August 25 (Friday) 7PM concert, Phelps Baptist, Phelps, NY

August 27 (Sunday) 6PM concert, Grace Baptist, Syracuse, NY 
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